The Quarantimes Week 6: The New Olden Times

April 24th, 2020

I’m really getting into supporting local businesses offering curbside pickup. You have to make a whole afternoon out of it, of course, going one place for one thing and another place for another. It’s very olden times

Yesterday I placed an order with our local hardware store. I am not exactly handy, so that was a fun conversation. I needed three things, and this is how I described them to the poor woman on the other end of the line:

  1. You know those thingies that you start seeds in? They’re like, a tray with a clear plastic cover? I have no idea what they’re called or who makes them.

  2. I need some paint for the birdhouses “my kids” made yesterday. What color? Oh I don’t know. What color do you think? I don’t know what kind of paint either. I don’t know anything about paint.

  3. I also need some markers for my garden. No not actual legit markers from the gardening aisle, but like, wooden sticks? Not round dowels. More like, square and tall? I don’t know. Tall enough to stick in the ground and write on?

She handled it.

Later, she loaded the goods into my car. As I sheepishly watched her shove the very pointy 5-foot wooden spikes in that I’d apparently ordered, I thought, “I deserve this.” My garden is going to have viking labels.

Later, it came time to paint the labels for my garden. I had this vision of colorful markers denoting which exact things I’d planted. At the same time, why not tackle another project and have the girls paint the birdhouses they (Jon) made? 



Because you should never give 5-year-olds paint, that’s why. They think all paint is finger paint.

In other news, this morning my daughter asked me, point blank, “Have you ever eaten a sequin?”

“Definitely not,” I answered. “HAVE YOU?”

She shrugged. “Yes.” Regretting letting the sequins come out the other day now, too. 

There are have been so many lessons learned during this time. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What I’m reading:

I try to limit the amount of coronavirus-related information I take in but this share from my friend Melissa was really interesting: The Infection That’s Silently Killing Coronavirus Patients Unfortunately it now has me taking a measure of my oxygen saturation multiple times a day like a psycho. You all have a pulse oximeter too, right? 

Such a good point on The Atlantic: Calling Me a Hero Only Makes You Feel Better

What I’m watching:

This moved me

What I’m eating:

This amazing red pepper soup my cousin turned me onto, which unfortunately I cannot share the recipe for because it’s kinda ad hoc. It involves roasting a gang of red peppers and a few tomatoes, then sauteing with onions, garlic, and potato. There is some heavy cream and stock in the mix. It then all gets pureed. Miraculously, my kids love “Emily’s soup.



What I’m working on:

A blog post for Box: IRC Continues International Aid Through Global Uncertainty 

A Medium post for Jane VC: Founder survey reveals impact of COVID-19 on early stage startups

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