The Artist's Way, Week Twelve: Dating Myself

April 11th, 2010

Twelve weeks ago I embarked on a monogamous relationship with myself, and I am pleased to report that this relationship is only getting better with time. Have you ever wished you could find that perfect partner, the one who likes all the same things as you, the one who always wants to do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it… the one who totally just gets you?

Good news. You already have that person in your life. It’s you.

Over the last twelve weeks of The Artist’s Way, I’ve taken myself on at least one date a week. And we’ve had a lot of fun. We…

  1. Spent an hour wandering around the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park in winter, enjoying the dormant plant life while blasting Yo Yo Ma on our iPod headphones
  2. Took a creative writing workshop at Green Gulch Zen Center and wrote some stories, and picked up some freshly-baked-by-monks bread
  3. Spent the afternoon kicking around Fairfax, wrote some letters by hand at a not-a-Starbucks, and went to see Avatar in 3-D (incidentally, 3-D glasses over regular glasses is a really hot look)
  4. Sold a gold necklace and used the cash to buy new plants at Home Depot, then spent an afternoon repotting them and sprucing up the house
  5. Went to see an award-winning play at an underground theater and sat right next to the playwright
  6. Went rock and flower hunting and bushwhacking in Tennessee Valley, and then came home and pressed the flowers in my dictionary and arranged the rocks in a bowl
  7. Checked out a free pass to the De Young Museum (love you, Mill Valley Library) and geeked out to psychedelic Amish Quilts
  8. Took a yin yoga and skin scrub-making workshop with the lovely Kelsey Riley of Naya Organics
  9. Dropped into an author talk at Book Passage and learned about the history of Buddhism from the mouth of an “expert”
  10. Planted a baby herb garden to devote endless hours of squandered love and overprotection to
  11. Ran around San Francisco in the middle of the night installing renegade street art (Okay this one I did with Vanessa, but it was a special occasion and besides, Vanessa is simply another side of myself.)
  12. And lots of other mad creative things like making decoupage dreamboards, stealing myself a bouquet of flowers out of the neighbor’s yard, learning to cook lots of new things, journaling, journaling, journaling, journaling like a maniac, reading novels, rearranging the elements of my Maggie B., drawing on my chalkboard wall, making spice blends, making bath salts…


The best part of The Artist’s Way? When you realize that there is creativity in everything you do.

I’m starting to wonder how I ever had time to date someone else.

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  1. Jen Heilman says:

    I loved reading about your creative adventures!

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