Voting for Documentation at Every Possible Opportunity

May 3rd, 2019


Week 18: The 2019 Voting with My Dollar Project

I”m a compulsive amateur documentarian. This is why I love iCal, Instagram, and bullet journaling. For someone constantly pressed for time, I spend quite a bit doing these type of things. I rationalize this because it’s good for the soul (of a Virgo who craves order, anyway).

I’ve been bullet journaling for a little over a year, and in that time, I’ve only met one or two other real live humans who are into it. I think most people can’t really justify taking the time to draw monthly, weekly, and daily spreads to log what they want to do and what they’ve done. But for me, it’s a wonderful conflagration of creative, organizational, and self-affirmative outlets.

Bullet journaling, or #bujo, is an analog calendar and to-do list technique. Rather than try to explain it, here is a great propaganda video that says it all succinctly. It’s a system, but within those guardrails lies opportunity for a lot of creativity, which is why I love it.

At the end of every month, I create a spread of “metrics” which sums up my month in terms of achievements, wins, adventures, etc. Below is what it ends up looking like.

What’s that? I have compulsive logging issues? Yes. Yes I do. But it works for me.  

Also, on the theme of voting with my dollar, this is a hobby that is essentially free, once you buy a fancy gridded, leatherbound journal (and you could certainly use any old notebook, obviously, but the gridded journal is primo for this).


What I’m eating:

Just working on the balance of cooking quick weeknight dinners for two small girls, a vegetarian husband and myself, who is always feeling vaguely anemic.

What I’m watching:

Game of Thrones

What I’m reading:

I just ordered Waking Up White and can’t wait to dive in just as soon as I ever finish this endless Thoreau bio and all my New Yorkers.

What I’m listening to:

Speaking of diaries, I just started subscribing to the Mortified podcast. I saw Mortified live in San Francisco a few times, and this is a nice treat for a diary buff like me who was once a very embarrassing pre-teen diarist.

What I’m working on:

This week I finished a paper that’s been hanging over my head about leadership in the consumer packaged goods industry. I know, don’t worry, I put you on the notification list for it’s publication.

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