Voting to Not Have this UTI Anymore

March 1st, 2019

Week 9: The 2019 Voting with My Dollar Project

Here are a few things I will do when I have a UTI that I would not ordinarily do. 

  1. Cry in front of a stranger (a doctor, but still, I had just met her).

  2. Pay over $12 for a bottle of unsweetened cranberry juice I don’t even think is going to work.

  3. Tell a loose acquaintance in the grocery store that I can’t talk right now because I have a UTI.

  4. Take antibiotics that look like James Bond murder weapons

And yes, I know that it’s terrible and inhumane and definitely not woke to take antibiotics. Did I mention I have a UTI?

I am not good with pain. I am also subject to that second level of suffering the Buddhists warn about — the one you bring on yourself with worry, projection, and irrational anxiety. Because my urethra hurts (a fucking lot, mind you), I’ve spent a lot of time this week spiraling down about the prospect of dying at our local rural hospital when I am inevitably misdiagnosed and then left to perish in a janky bed in a shared room. Leaving my kids motherless, etc etc.

I’ve also spent a lot of money “voting with my dollar” in a different way than usual. I’ve been using my dollar to buy expensive cranberry juice, pharmaceuticals, and to reactivate my Hulu account just so I could binge-watch an entire episode of Broad City. This is called an investment in my personal ability to cope through the drama of having a UTI.

Next week, back to the serious research. 


What I’m eating:

 Sad, tired old tubers. Spring, wherefore art thou?

What I’m reading:

Is curating our lives on social media acceptable? Food for thought for someone like myself who is guilty as charged: When Kids Google Themselves

What I’m listening to:

Last night, Jon and I took my dad to a bluegrass tribute to Doc Watson in an intimate little venue down his way. It was spectacular.

What I’m watching:

Getting caught up on Broad City, and this clip has made me laugh more than once (and, I agree):

What I’m working on:

Organizing some thoughts for my author clients Justin Jones and Scott Waddell to support the book we recently published, Got Ideas? How to Turn Ideas into Products People Want to Use. The Medium blog is here, if UX is your jam.

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