Writing About Things I Care About and Getting Paid to Do It

November 21st, 2019

I will never be a politician, an activist, a journalist, or an advisor on the ISSUES. I am too shy and crack easily under pressure. But as a freelance writer, once in a while, I do get to pitch an idea that aligns with how I feel about things.

I have been writing for Eventbrite for a long time, and they are a favorite client of mine because the subject matter is interesting and the team is super professional and smart. Usually, they simply hand me assignments. But for the first time recently, my contact there asked me if I had any ideas for ebook topics. I suggested one on diversity and inclusion at events. He went for it, and we did it!

I am super proud of this ebook: Making Your Events More Inclusive and Diverse. I got to interview some cool event professionals and make a good case for being inclusive not just in theory but in practice.

The hitch is, this piece of content is “gated,” meaning you have to pony up your email address to get it. But here is a little glimpse:

Inclusion + Diversity ebook

What I’m watching:

This website that tracks gun violence deaths across the U.S. is depressing as hell. 

What I’m reading:

Ways to Live More Sustainably

What I’m listening to:

Live music! Saw Dom Flemons perform with just his banjo for company at Hawks & Reed in Greenfield, MA over the weekend. He is a true musical talent in the old mold. 

Also Mandolin Orange at the Academy of Music in Northampton tonight!

And the Radiolab episode Breaking News, which is straight-up terrifying.

What I’m working on:

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