content matters.

I can help you overhaul your brand messaging, perfect your book, develop your business verbiage, and reach a greater audience through—and beyond—the web.

My mission is to help you express your message clearly and directly to your readers. I look at your ideas from an outsider’s perspective—just as your audience does—in order to pinpoint the most effective ways for you to get your point across and establish a branded voice.
I love to collaborate. At the same time, I know you’re busy. So, I am adept at taking the reins of a writing project and managing it from start to finish. Email me today to discuss how I can help you better manage your on-and-offline content or fine-tune your book before you publish it. 


I never hesitate to refer business to Joslyn McIntyre. She's a brilliant writer; she's able to understand complex information and distill it into clear, engaging prose; she's as sharp as a tack, efficient, and basically a joy to work with (never underestimate the importance of this quality).
— Michael Myers, High Seas Consulting, San Francisco