freelance content writer

I can help you create better digital content, perfect your book, develop your business verbiage, and reach a greater audience through—and beyond—the web.

Content marketing is a complicated machine with many moving parts, SEO a wily target, and audience diversity a crucial part of the puzzle. I can help you get your message to your customers clearly and succinctly, so they’ll stay engaged.  I look at your ideas from an outsider’s perspective (just as your audience does) in order to pinpoint the most effective ways for you to get your point across and establish a branded voice.
Wondering if I’m the right person for your job? Read about my areas of expertise or email me today to discuss how I can help you better manage your on-and-offline content or fine-tune your book before you publish it.

I REALLY appreciate how proactive and thoughtful you are! It makes our lives soooo much easier to have such a dependable, kick-ass writer on our side!

Maddie Veal, Eventbrite

I just want to say how much I love your copy. We always bemoaned we could never find a copywriter we liked, let alone a really great one! And now we have! Thank you, Joslyn!

— Luke Whitehead, Peltarion