writing for writing’s sake.

Occasionally I’m asked to contribute to a publication or be a guest blogger on another site. Here is a laundry list of some things I’ve written over the last handful of years. 

Profile for Go Solo, October 2022
Angel Island, a Ferry Ride Back in Time for Paragon Real Estate Group’s PLACE Magazine, Spring 2018 Issue
Unconventional, Quintessential San Francisco Experiences for Paragon Real Estate Group’s PLACE Magazine, Spring 2018 Issue
Tilden Park, for Children of All Ages — How Berkeley’s Beloved Park Provides a Magical Experience for Paragon Real Estate Group’s PLACE Magazine, Spring 2018 Issue
Striking that Fine Balance of Readable and Discoverable with Content Marketing, for the 26 Characters blog
Ode to the Presidio – The Country within a City for Paragon Real Estate Group’s PLACE Magazine, Fall 2017 Issue
Glamping Getaways
 for Paragon Real Estate Group’s PLACE Magazine, Fall 2017 Issue
Mountain Biking Culture 2.0 for Paragon Real Estate Group’s PLACE Magazine, Spring 2017 Issue
Off the Beaten Path: Hikes in Every Corner of the Bay for Paragon Real Estate Group’s PLACE Magazine, Spring 2017 Issue
Healthy Eating Myths, Debunked
for Paragon Real Estate Group’s PLACE Magazine, Spring 2017 Issue
Can You DIY Your Book Editing Project? for The Write Life, December 2016
Need a Book Editor? The 4 Factors to Help You Find the Perfect Fit for The Write Life, November 2016
Naming a Baby (or 2) When You’re in Your Forties for Nameberry, March 2016
The Bootprints Gift Guide for Bootprints, December 2014
5 Tips for Stank-free Long Johns for Bootprints, November 2014
2015′s Best Camp Gear for Bootprints, August 2014
Mt. Tam’s Forgotten Peak for Bootprints, July 2014
See Muir Woods Without the Crowd for Bootprints, May 2014
Take a Soak in Steep Ravine Hot Springs for Bootprints, April 2014
The Treasure of Mount Tamalpais for Bootprints, February 2014
Don’t “Should” Me for Recovering Yogi, August 2013
Praying on Facebook for Recovering Yogi, May 2013
An Interview with Benjamin Lorr, Author of Hell-Bent for Recovering Yogi, April 2013
The Various and Hypocritical Definitions of the Word “Hippie” for Recovering Yogi, January 2013 
Near Enemies for Recovering Yogi, August 2012 
No Longer Young in Venice for Open Salon, June 2012 
Dead Reckoning (An Inventory) for Recovering Yogi, May 2012 
Want To Be a Better Person? Read Novels. for Elephant Journal, April 2012 
Frying the Freak Flag for Writing Our Way Home, January 2012 
The Narcissim of Small Differences for Recovering Yogi, January 2012 
Be Wary of the Master for The New York Times, January 2012 
Pottery Is Not Precious for Open Salon, October 2011 
Read a Fucking Book for Elephant Journal, September 2011 
Collective Hearts for Haiti for Common Ground, August 2011 
First World Beverage Problems in McSweeneys Internet Tendency,  summer 2010

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quote markShe takes my copy points and makes them into impressive copy with descriptive words I would never have thought of. What’s best about Joslyn is that she may not be an expert on the industry but can still create great copy with quick turnaround. — Neha Gupta, Founder and Chief Brand Strategist, Belly Fire Branding

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quote markA talented and adaptable writer, her ability to grasp and describe technology concepts in an accessible way is a skill few possess. A strong researcher and highly collaborative, Joslyn is able to learn new topics fast. Her attention to detail shines in her writing, which is ‘fluff’ free. — Jeremy Holland, Content Marketing Manager, Helpshift

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quote markJoslyn is one of the sharpest writers I have worked with over the last 10 years. Her repertoire is well-rounded, and she has an incredible aptitude for generating powerful content marketing copy and an incredible knack for tailoring copy to specific audiences — as well as digging deep into the technology when it is called for. — Janine Van Poppelen, Freelance QA Specialist, California