joslyn mcintyre.

freelance writer and editor in southern vermont.

Joslyn McIntyre, freelance writer and editor, Vermont

How you communicate to your readers makes the difference between their eyes glazing over and their interest being sparked.

I founded Outside Eye Consulting to merge my love of writing with my knack for hyper-organized content. As a freelance writer and editor, I help clients with every aspect of their words, from high-level content strategy and style guidelines to website copy, blog posts, ebooks, and more.
Most often, I write business and marketing content for entrepreneurs, B2Bs, startups, and particularly technology clients. Frequent types of content I deliver include website copy, ghostwritten blog posts, thought leadership articles, white papers, and email marketing copy.
I also edit books and ebooks for independent authors. Often, these two areas collide when marketing clients self-publish books or ebooks to help promote their own areas of expertise.
In addition to freelance writing and editing services, I write regular tongue-in-cheek missives for my blog, Cirque du Malaise. For a list of published pieces, see my Articles page. For novels I recommend, see my Books page
To follow my life compulsively documented in words and pictures, follow me on Instagram.

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She’s a brilliant writer; she’s able to understand complex information and distill it into clear, engaging prose; she’s as sharp as a tack, efficient, and basically a joy to work with (never underestimate the importance of this quality).
— Michael Myers, High Seas Consulting, San Francisco

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quote markJoslyn’s detail-oriented manner keeps her on the ball and never missing a beat. She is an easy to work with, creative writer who has a lot of experience and knowledge and is not afraid to give you her honest opinion, which to me is an important asset. — Melissa Schmechel, Owner and Designer, Darlingville Design, Brooklyn

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quote markJoslyn McIntyre brings unparalleled attention to detail and conscientiousness to any project she works on. She is a pleasure to work with and I always know that I am in extremely capable hands. — Michelle Fliegauf, Founder and Owner, International Yoga, San Francisco