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Valentine’s Day 2.0

February 15th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is somewhat of a vapid holiday that makes one feel beholden to consumer gluttony and advertising schemes. But love is a nice thing to celebrate, as are excuses for flowers and twee crafty treats. This year, Jon brought me a beautiful bouquet that he directed himself (so proud):

 Valentine's Day flowers

And I, in turn, made him these whisky-sriracha hard candies:

 Homemade hard candies 

(Recipe here)

 Not a fan of sriracha myself, nor hard candies, but I think they turned out pretty great. 

The highlight of our Valentine’s Day this year is that we are going to the movies tonight. In years past, had I given a twert about Valentine’s Day, I would have expected no less than a romantic moonlight stroll on the Seine to make it memorable, but now, going to the movies with my husband feels so decadent, so outrageous, that I am giddy with excitement. And this year, Valentine’s Day falls on $5 movie night, so, win. Also, we have agreed that I will not drag him to La La Land, which I have already seen, but he hasn’t. And he, in turn, won’t make me sit through some boring Brad Pitt WWII movie.

My favorite part of Valentine’s Day, though, is that I played hooky this morning and went with the girls to their Kindermusik class, which is a thing I insist they do so that I can feel better about not raising strange identical-twin shut-ins. 

Kindermusik with twins 

I hope you have all had a lovely Valentine’s Day as well. Or, you know, that you got through it.

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