A short and very much incomplete catalog of everyday women to appreciate

May 14th, 2021


A stranger who will offer you lilacs from her yard

A mom who wakes up earlier than you on Mother’s Day and makes you breakfast

A daughter who, when you ask at bedtime, shall we read another book? Says “Let’s just lie here and talk about our friendship.”

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A fellow writer who will send you things and ask for your opinion and make you feel important. 

A grammarian colleague who will email you at 11pm to ask you about a comma placement and who knows you will take her request very, very seriously no matter what you’re doing — and vice versa

A new mom friend who recommends the absolute best earplugs that will take it down just a notch — just 25% less shrill screaming from 6-year-olds and I’ll be a different person, I swear

An old friend who will go down the virtual rabbit hole of browsing for pricey Amish quilts together, then send you a link to the quilt she likes best at the exact same time you send her a link to the exact same quilt. Link jinx.

A friend you’ve only met via email and social media who, nevertheless, will invite you into the woods where the secret ramps are

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A lifelong friend who lives less than a half hour away, who you see maybe once or twice a year, but talk to every day, except when you don’t, and you’re both totally fine with this arrangement

A friend who shares your blood sugar rhythms

A friend whose bangs you covet

A friend you consult before Google because she just knows, just, everything

A friend who you can be your worst self around

A friend who, when you send her this picture your daughter drew of her “favorite animal,’ says “What a cute fat dog!” when you yourself had no idea what kind of animal it was despite knowing that your daughter loves dogs

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A mom who has the same kind of kids as you and really, really gets it

A friend who went through menopause before you

A friend who is going through menopause with you

The stunningly chic, shockingly intelligent, and wildly creative mentor in your industry

The woman who wrote the novel you  are reading, which lulls you to sleep every night

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What I’m reading:

How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously” in the New Yorker

What I’m listening to:

Doing some research for my memoir with the podcast A Little Bit Culty (kidding, sort of).

What I’m eating:

Anyone remember Common Ground in Brattleboro? I made these the other night and they were incredible.

Anyone remember Common Ground in Brattleboro? I made these the other night and they were incredible.

What I’m working on:

Customer stories for Box, such as:


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