January How I Hate Thee. Let Me Count the Ways.

January 19th, 2024

It has been a January. 

Broken arms, massive colds, the actual flu, strep… that’s just so far. One of my kids hasn’t been to school in well over a week. Work is nuts, and most of my clients are on the West Coast, so they are not familiar with “snow days” as a cultural thing. Everything is falling through the cracks.

My husband, who also has the flu now, looked at me amidst the chaos the other day and said “This is parenting. They don’t show this stuff on social media.” I said, “Hold my beer.” (Not really, I’m sober.)

Anyway, I started a poem. Does anyone have a verse to add? 

January How I Hate Thee

January how I hate thee

Let me count the ways


I hate thee for thy false promise

Of fresh starts and positive steps

I hate thee for thy viral menace

The flus and colds and streps


I hate thee for thy vexing weather

Which always turns to rain

I hate thee for thy brutalist sun

That spotlights all the strain


I hate thee for thy slick streets

That make a walk too harrowing

I hate thee for thy 4 o’clock darkness

That brings on the sorrowing


I hate thee for thine illusion of calm

When all around, chaos reigns

I hate thee for thy dark, dark days

That rot me in my brains…

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